The Best Panerai Radiomir PAM00210 Vs. Modern PAM01348

We want to put a neo-vintage Panerai — or at least nearly neo-vintage — up against a modern Cheap Panerai Replica. Both are from the Radiomir collection but with a nearly 20-year gap in production date.

The modern Panerai Radiomir PAM01348

Back in the mid-2000s, I had two Best Replica Panerai Watches (not at the same time), a Luminor Marina (PAM00113) and a Luminor Base Logo (PAM00000). They were large watches with a hand-wound movement based on the ETA/Unitas pocket-watch-sized calibers.

They were great watches but housed a very standard hand-wound movement that could be found in other watches that would cost a fraction of the price. In general, the build quality and finishing of the Fake Panerai Watches PAM000113 and PAM00000 didn’t strike me as anything extraordinary.

Higher prices, better quality

Prices have increased tremendously since then, but the quality of these watches has also improved. Panerai has been developing not only new materials but also new movements.

I picked the Luxury Panerai Radiomir Otto Giorni Replica Watches, reference number PAM01348. Inside is Panerai’s caliber P.5000, a movement that debuted back in 2013. The watch has a 45mm case made of special eSteel and a 100m water resistance rating.

Caliber P.5000

Aside from aesthetics, I think the modern Panerai watch is better today than it was 15–20 years ago. The movement has better specifications, but Swiss Panerai Replica Watches also uses more exciting materials for its cases, such as Brunito steel. Panerai also shows that its designers can be a bit more creative with dials, for example, in the newer watches. The level of detail seems to be much higher than in earlier Radiomir models.

It works and gets the job done, but it’s the same as spending that much on a watch with a very basic ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so, even though these movements’ relatively low servicing costs are an upside.

It’s difficult to compare the PAM00210 and PAM01348, but I prefer the latter

The Perfect Panerai PAM01348 Replica also a watch that can hardly be compared to the PAM00210 aside from its aesthetics. And even there, the special case material and the level of finishing of the dial, hands, and movement are on a different level. This is not unique to Panerai, of course. We also see an increase in the quality of newer watches from many other brands.

Neo-vintage Radiomir PAM00210

In that sense, it feels genuine to me. Yes, the ETA/Unitas caliber OP X is bare bones, but it is also very good. It has a proven track record longer than most and a near-perfect design for a large old-world caliber. It can also be serviced by anyone for next to nothing. Getting your Panerai replica watches for sale cheap P.5000 serviced probably means dropping it off at a Panerai boutique.

I, for one, don’t look at Panerai for its horological prowess or watchmaking craftsmanship. To me, Panerai is a company with an interesting story and stunning designs. I’ll have a workhorse caliber inside such a watch any day of the week. Some brands really don’t have to go down the in-house road.